Good evening. I come from Kerala I belong to Kerala. It has the greatest tolerance towards other religions. I only want to say Kerala is in the real sense absolutely secular. We had a saint social reformer Narayanaguru, who said whatever be the religion that man be good, in a sense it has been imbibed by all people of Kerala. That is why in spite of a complaints of dominance of minorities we live in absolute harmony. Christians were converts, essentially from other Hindu religious sects, so do many of my muslim brothers. But they have never been intolerant. This is the success of Kerala. I don’t want to elaborate many things which have been stressed by people, and on apprehensions expressed. The apprehensions may be there, but the apprehensions and even partial reflection would have given way to liberal thoughts in other continents. But for that to work, absolute grassroot level work is necessary. This also requires teaching enlightenment to the judicial functioning as well. This is Krishan Iyer and this is Mathew, both were absolutely secular in their outlook though one belonged to the majority community and the other to the christian community. Both were elitist and enlightened people. You get enlightenment by education. Kerala had it in plenty. We are thankful to the Christian missionaries because they gave access to the schools and educational institutions, they made hygienic in our habits. This is not to be denied. We need not be unnecessarily proud of our own culture but we should be open to receiving good things from other cultures and other countries. That process should continue, then won’t be any issue to live in Asia without any fear or apprehension about the denial of right to life enshrined in the constitution. Thank you

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